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It is essential that potential Human Hair clients, receive an in-person consultation prior to their appointment. During your consultation we will discuss your requirements and choose the correct installation method. During this consultation the correct length, colour, and wave, will be selected by a stylist to best suit your requirements.

Streaks & Special Effects:
The simplest form of extensions are Streaks: take just a few pieces to add colour (an alternative to dying your hair) or just for fun
Sold in 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 pieces.
Price $20.00 per 4.

Special Effects ( SFX )

are groups of larger extension used to create an overall effect. They are for someone who wants something different, but not a full-head - SFX can use Synthetic Dreads, Synthetic Straight, Synthetic Braids or even Human Hair.
Prices will vary as does the size
Price indication:
Small SFX S.S. $90.00 ( 20 pieces ).

Does not include hair cost.

synthetic hair cost-$10-20

human hair cost- $25-$75

Synthetic Dread Extensions:

As an alternative to real Dreadlocks (a "Dreadperm"), leapea also offers semi-permanent Dreadlocks. Known as "Synthetic Dreads", they are made with synthetic hair and attached to your own hair.
The method of attachment uses no-glue or heat-seals, just a simple string, so that they can easily be removed without damaging the hair. The extension hair can be used for up to 9 - 24 months, but needs to be "Tightened" (replaced as your hair grows) every 2.5 - 3.5 months.

Any colors can be chosen, and the procedure takes 6-7 hours
Costs are $300-$575 (Tighten 4-6 hours @ $50.00 per hour).

Human Hair Extensions

The addition of real " Human Hair ", is the best way to have natural looking extensions. The extensions can be used to add volume, and/or create length. The Human hair used by the Do or dye is ordered on an individual client basis. The hair is bought from one of the largest suppliers in America, and is of the highest possible quality. The hair is available in many colours, textures,waves, and lengths. The hair itself is normally sourced in Asia, and then is chemically cleaned, colored, and permed, ready for use.

Human Hair can be installed in Three fashions :

Pinch - Braids - Individual pieces are added in a carefully selected pattern. This method is generally the best way to add both length and volume, and is the most common method used for full - head installations. very gentle on your own hair.

Weave - This installation uses larger extension pieces, which are attached in single rows, to the clients hair. This method is a faster, and cheaper, alternative to Pinch - Braids. However, it is best used to create volume only. As your extensions are attached to your own hair over time they will grow out. Thus requiring tightening every 2.5 to 4.5 months. We re-use the same hair ( one of the cost saving benefits of our system ) so you need only pay a  labor charge. The hair lasts on average 2 to 3 tightens.

Skin Weft Extension - This installation method does not use string and has a small amount of adhesive sandwiched in between two air light synthetic skin like wefts that hold a miniscule amount of your hair to keep it attached to the head (those of you who have to shampoo every day this method isn't right for you if washed too often these extensions can begin to slip) . hair cost varies upon thickness and length wanted. but total hair cost with install ranges from $150-$800

**I have also combined methods for a personalized approach to your hair thickness and length to achieve that look you've always wanted!

Prices always depend on the hair chosen (type/amount) and varies from $200 to $1200, Tightening is $ 55.00 per hour, 2 to 5 hours labor

Please Note - As Human Hair is not a 100% manufactured product variations do occur with regards to color and longevity. All possible care is taken to source the best possible hair - as with anything else higher quality costs more - hence be wary of cheap Human Hair as you will get what you have paid for.

Our Technique

I learned my methods directly from Sonia, the late owner and creator of Hairpolice where we use our very own technique for installing extensions. It should be clear from the outset that this is different from the most common method that is presently being used in the market - heat seal. Both have their own merits and the ultimate choice in "what is best" should remain with the client. Heat seal or bonding - uses a machine which generates heat to clamp and shrink a plastic bond onto the client's & extension hair to hold it in place. The extension hair is removed with a type of chemical solution designed to dissolve the bond and thus removing the extension. It is faster, and cheaper initially, and some clients prefer this method as they feel it is less visible.

However, the extension hair in most cases, cannot be reused. My skin extension method is excluded from this because it uses a small tape like adhesive that doesn't harden, but can be reused unlike bonded heat seal extensions. The Hairpolice technique on the other hand is more traditional (Afro-American) in its approach. A small micro braid, containing the client's & extension hair, is hand made and fastened with a special type of long wearing string. The extensions are simply removed by carefully cutting the fastening string - and the extension hair can be reused. For this reason the Hairpolice method can be cheaper long-term. Client's have stated that they prefer this technique as they feel it is more natural & less damaging to their own hair. To conclude - we have had many clients who utilize both methods - and the choice comes down to personal preference. Like buying a pair of jeans, which are essentially the same product, two consumers will prefer different brands. The only factor essential to both methods is that you choose to have the worked completed by a trained professional - don't shop on price only - check for good advice & experience.

DISCLAIMER : Care has been given to give a general overview of the heat seal method. As there are many variations and service providers - methods, techniques & technicalities - will of course vary. For specifics please contact another vendor. As the object of this text is to inform and is not derogatory in its nature, the Do or Dye hair studio therefore, accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on this site.