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Welcome to Do or Dye hair studio, where your hair is pampered and treated by experienced professional stylists to maintain a healthy color and glow.

After many years of studying art and sculpture in college & in high school, I began to experiment in hair school by straightening the hair out first - and then would cut and carve shapes into that dry hair - going in and out, shaping, building, structuring hair just like an architect would go about their craft. Creating bold and dynamic styles that would flow into place, as if the style had always been there. Like you were born with it!

After watching the same old “wet cut” in salons all over the country- I felt there was something missing, so I kept cutting dry and achieving fantastic results and reviews. I felt like cutting wet, it was boring, unimaginative, and more like a ‘cookie cutter” method that an art form. It never seemed to give people a look that was as individual as they were or a style as versatile.

In turn I create infinite possibilities with a Dry Cut Technique because it can eliminate bulk where it isn't needed and add thickness and body where it “asks” to go. It is a more artistic method and more difficult to accomplish. But when it is done, a client can wear it straight, curly, or wavy - any way they want. Because it works a million ways. That’s the beauty of it. It gives you a look that’s as individual and as versatile as you are.